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M12 Camera HD 3800W

Sensor: 1/2.33 inch Panasonic 38 megapixel CMOS sensor Pixel size: 1.335 X 1.335 um Interface: HDMI(Type A), USB(Type B), TF

M13 Camera HD 3800W

RELIFE High quality industrial microscope camera. 38MP 3800W, high quality still images and video. View live images directly on any

Mechanic 900M-T-C6 4-in-1 C6 Honeycomb Micro Soldering Station

Description: 1: Mechanic 4 in 1 900M-T-C6 universal heating repair platform (Hammer)  for T12 JBC-210/245 soldering station, Mechanic C6 Mini

NASAN NA-B2 Mini Autoclave LCD OCA Air Bubble Removing Machine

Function 1.For LCD, LED, OLED air bubbles removing; 2. New appearance design,Touch panel control and timing function 3.7inch, small size, ultra-thin